8 Jewel-toned Spring Accessories

I love shopping in the spring! After all of the drab winter clothes, spring brings color and pattern.

I have an easy time finding clothes and purses (some might say too easy of a time!), but I often neglect to shop for small accessories and jewelry. Though my favorite way to acquire jewelry is through my travels or as a gift (so that there is a memory attached to it), it’s also important to have some good basics.

It seems like the Spring and Summer seasons are full of events (weddings, parties, fundraisers), so it’s nice to have some great pieces on-hand.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

Jewel-toned Spring Accessories on A Few of My Favorite Things

Clockwise (from top left):

ONE Turquoise Alexandra Earrings
TWO Small Square Stud Earrings
THREE Gemstone Drop Earrings
FOUR Gold Drop Earrings
FIVE Linear Amethyst Ring
SIX Pointed Stone Bracelet
SEVEN Bling Stud Earrings
EIGHT Rectangles Bling Bracelet

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