Easter Inspired Paintings

Easter Inspired Paintings on A Few of My Favorite Things


(Clockwise from top left)

Emily Rickard, Something Wonderful • $169.00
Kristy Gammill, Lovely Day • $169.00
Jennifer Latimer, Marbleized II • $139.00
Michelle Armas, That Bowtie I Like • $189.00
Jennifer Latimer, Banff Petunia & Roses • $169.00
Michelle Armas, Antonia • $169.00
Michelle Armas, Sabrina • $149.00
Kristy Gammill, Multicolor Abstract • $169.00

This week I’m loving all those Easter colors – bright pink, bright yellow, etc. Since I already shared a bit about Easter Traditions in the Czech Republic yesterday and some great looks from the Limited last Friday, I thought I should share some art pieces. Don’t you just LOVE these?!

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