10 Things to Do When it’s Freezing Cold Outside

10 Things to do When it's Freezing Cold Outside

Unless you live in California or somewhere else incredibly warm, you are most likely experiencing the coldest temperatures in recent history. Here in Ohio, these are the coldest temperatures that I have felt in my entire life! Schools are closed and many businesses are closing as well – as it’s too dangerous for people to travel and too hard to keep the buildings warm. I’ve put together a list of 10 Great Things to Do in Cold Weather (especially when you can’t leave the house)….


1. Catch up on your favorite blogs and find some new blogs to read – Bloglovin is a great way to do that – put in your favorites and it will offer you recommendations of others to follow.

2. Start planning or even just daydreaming about your next trip (Spring break anyone?) – for some inspiration, check out my Around the World board on Pinterest.

3. Write your goals for 2014 – (and make a plan to accomplish them) – Check out: Arianna Belle  as well as And Kathleen for inspiration.

4. Get organized – if you haven’t already read it, check out my post on planners.

5. Play a board game with a loved one! Perhaps a good game of Monopoly or Blokus. 

6. Get out that _____ that you never seem to have time to do (book, drawing pad, journal) and use it!

7. Taste some new teas, dash to the grocery and grab a box you’ve never had before and brew some (or just try some out of that box your roommate/hubby/boyfriend bought and has kept sitting in the cupboard).

8. Listen to some new music – head over to Pandora or Spotify, pick a new station,  lay on the couch, and just LISTEN.

9. Call up a friend or family member (chances are they are sitting at home too) and enjoy a nice, long chat!

10. Check out a new recipe and make it using ingredients you have —- Look to Pinterest for dessert or main course inspiration then open your Epicurious app or Supercook to make something using the ingredients you already have at home.


I hope you enjoy your day and keep warm! Let me know which one of these you end up doing 🙂

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