The Best Planners of 2017

The Best Planners of 2017 on

Best Planners of 2017

One of my favorite things about a new year whether a new calendar year or a new school year is picking out a fresh planner. Growing up, my school required us to have and use planners and I have always enjoyed the process of writing it all down, highlighting it, and checking things off.

Technology has come a long way since my high school days, so I have integrated those tools and apps into my planning process as well. I keep all of my activities outside of the house on iCal. I have my iCal color-coded. Purple is for personal events (like workout classes, church, etc), blue for my photography business, green is for my day job, and yellow is for my blog events. I like keeping them all in separate categories and colors, so I can see my daily activities at a glance. I also find it helpful to input the address and add travel time for each event – that way when I’m headed out the door, I can quickly know how much time I need to get there and I can easily click on the address and go straight to my maps app.

Other apps that I have found useful include: ToDoist, Thinglist, Reminders, and Notes. The ToDoist is useful because it easily goes between the desktop and phone app, so you can always add what’s on your mind. 

To me, however, nothing beats the process of writing down what needs to be done. I keep all of my blog tasks as well as my personal tasks in one planner like this one. I also like to write down my schedule in there. I love that it has one page for each day and that each page has space for an hourly schedule as well as for a to-do list. It also has space to write in evening plans (or dinner ideas) and gratitude. I’ve also linked up some other planner options below.

The Best Planners of 2017 on The Best Planners of 2017 on The Best Planners of 2017 on The Best Planners of 2017 on The Best Planners of 2017 on

Best Planners for 2017


What about you – are you a pen & paper gal or are you all digital?

  • Amanda K

    I tell myself every year that I need to get a planner but it never happens. I love the Kate Spade ones!

    Amanda ||

  • January

    I’ve tried to go digital but I just can’t stick with it. I’m a pen and paper kind of gal, for sure!

  • Cristin Cooper

    What a great idea! I love the Emily Ley one!

    cristin |

  • Nicholle Brainard

    I have been using the Kate Spade planner for years but that Day Planner one may need to be what I change to!

  • Love a good planner and I just recently found out about todoist…so excited to try!

    • It’s super easy to use – I’ve used it a fair bit at work for keeping track of different projects.

  • Oh my gosh I’ve been looking for a good planner for this year, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing yet. I had a wonderful one last year that I loved, and I was so sad to part ways with it when the new year came around. I’ll have to look into some of the ones you suggested!

    Stephanie //

    • Thanks Stephanie – glad you liked these picks!

  • Lauryn Lasko

    These planners are adorable!! I just use my good old phone calendar and notes… maybe I need a hard copy!


    • Thanks Lauryn! Yes, I love to write stuff down, so I don’t think I could get by with just the phone calendar, but glad it works well for you 🙂

  • Lavenda Memory

    Thansk for sharing about these helpful apps babe!

    • You’re welcome Lavenda!

  • Sydney Power

    Planners are so fun! I got the Bando planner this year and love it!!

    • Yes, love the Bando ones too!

  • There are so many cute ones here! I picked up a a Rifle Paper Co Planner this year and love it!

    xoxo Mandy

    • Thanks Mandy – Rifle always has cute choices!

  • Sarah Tripp

    I love the Kate Spade planner, but this year I have a SugarPaper one from Target! Also, Big Magic is the best! xx

    • Yes, Target has SO many good ones!