Summer Style on the Limited’s Stylinity Style Stage

Today’s outfit is just an all-around great outfit for summer – the epitome of summer style.

Summer Style at the Limited on A Few of My Favorite Things

I love ALL the pieces, which resulted in me buying almost every single one!

When I started putting this outfit together, I started with the striped top (you may remember the pink one from last week). Next, I went for the white jeans. You may have seen those a few times before in my multi-functional pieces post and my post about white pants. White pants are definitely going to be my go-to pants for summer. Over the weeks, I have actually shown a few different pant types – the 678 white jeans, white sateen pants, and another pair of white jeans this week. I have a hard time finding pants that fit and have been very impressed by these ones. I bought the 678 white jeans and have been happy with how they fit as well as their thickness. They have a nice thin leg, but they are not too tight nor too thin in the fabric. I would think that makers of white jeans would take thickness into account, but I have been surprised to find that most must not! Next, I pulled the outfit together with this blazer. A nice blazer is an easy way to make a shirt and pants into an outfit. I have been looking for something fun for summer and love this color. It’s a purple-y, blue color and can work throughout the summer. I also picked a necklace and bangle and finished the outfit with this gold tote (which I also wore last week).

As I mentioned in previous posts, as fun as it to see an entirely new outfit each week, let’s be realistic… not many people can afford to buy a bunch of clothes each week, so my goal is to show you how to wear items again and again in fresh ways. Maybe with a new piece or two. It’s always better to buy something that you can wear over and over again and that’s why I love this outfit – it’s full of wearable, versatile pieces!

Colorful One Button Blazer (Blue)
Printed Shell (Green Stripes)
Exact Stretch 5 Pocket Pants (White)
Large Jacquard Shimmer Tote (Silver)
3 Tone Gem Statement Necklace (Blue)
Shell Tile Bangle 

For outfit details, click on the photos below:

Images were shot on the Stylinity Style Stage at the Limited at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. 

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