How to Pack Simply for an International Trip

When packing for a trip, especially an international one, it’s important to keep things simple.

In my opinion, it’s much better to pack fewer things and be able to fit them all in a carry-on bag than to risk having lost luggage. Here I’ll show you way to pack just a few items and still keep things fun on your trip. I’ll be using J. Crew.


Travel Style from J. Crew on A Few of My Favorite Things


If you’re looking to pack simply, you need to make sure that all your items go together. The easiest way to do this is to pick a color scheme. I chose blue.


1. TOPS I began with tops – you’ll need to pack the most tops. I chose one tank top, 2 sleeveless tops, and one t shirt. (As well as one long sleeved shirt in part #3). Though they’re all fairly casual, each item has a little bit of embellishment, so I could wear it somewhere nice, if I needed to.
Embroidered tassel top in arrow print • J.Crew • $79.50
Linen tank in stripe
• J.Crew • $35.00
Embroidered windowpane top
• J.Crew • $59.50
Side-slit tunic in stripe
• J.Crew • $49.50

2. BOTTOMS Then I chose bottoms. I picked one pair of white pants, one pair of army green pants, and one pair of light blue shorts. Each of these bottoms easily pairs with any of the tops – don’t bring anything that doesn’t go with everything else!
Toothpick jean in white • J.Crew • $59.99
5″ Chino Short • J.Crew • $29.99
Seamed motorcycle pant • J.Crew • $59.99

3. JACKET/DRESS Next I moved on to the other clothing items that you need. I chose the anorak jacket, a long sleeved shirt, and a maxi dress. You need a jacket that can work in rain and cooler weather and this one is perfect! It easily matches with all the tops and bottoms and even has the pop of orange. I chose this long sleeve shirt because it could be worn alone or also could be used as a light jacket over any of your other tops. In the case of a really chilly summer day, you could wear the striped tank with the long sleeve shirt and the jacket on top (even add the scarf).
Colorblock anorak • J.Crew • $128.00
Popover in arrow print • J.Crew • $78.00
Silk maxidress • J.Crew • $178.00

4. PRETTY ACCESSORIES The next category is pretty accessories. This is the place where you can have some fun! Since you’re keeping the rest of your outfit neutral, you can easily wear these sparkly pearl earrings or bright belt. As I mentioned before, this scarf is a perfect added layer. In addition to wearing it around your neck, you can also use as a shawl with the maxi dress. You can also add more pretty accessories throughout your trip. I’m sure you’ll see pretty scarves and handmade jewelry that you’ll like. Those items will not only be easy to add to your outfits, but they’ll be easy to bring home.
Gem pearl earrings • J.Crew • $55.00
Skinny perforated leather belt • J.Crew • $29.50
Embellished chambray scarf • J.Crew • $88.99

5. PRACTICAL ACCESSORIES The final category is practical accessories. I chose these simple sandals and a cross-body bag. The sandals are great because they can go from day to night, depending on how your outfit is styled. They’re look just as good with your army green pants as they will with your maxi dress. The cross-body bag is my go-to travel bag. Since you often need to have your passport on your body, I like to keep everything where I can see it. I also prefer something like this over a passport holder or a special travel bag, as I think a purse like this gives you some chance of blending in. If you have your special travel bag, it’s going to be glaringly obvious that you’re a tourist and may make your an easier target.
Malta sandals • J.Crew • $78.00
Adjustable crossbody bag • J.Crew • $158.00

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