Kimono Sweater with Old Navy

With spring coming soon (or maybe it’s here already?!), it’s time to start switching out heavy sweaters and jackets for some lighter ones.

I’m not sure about you, but I know that I definitely prefer putting away those heavy winter clothes to taking them out. I’ve also noticed that I tend to be more drawn to spring/summer clothes than fall/winter clothes.


Old Navy has been full of great pieces lately and this Kimono Sweater is one of them. It was perfect for one of the spring-like days we had a couple weeks ago. I paired it with a simple outfit of a tee shirt and jeans.

I love finding ways to take a simple outfit and make it more fun/feel special by adding accessories. With the base of this outfit is super simple, adding the textured Kimono Sweater makes it look bit more pulled together and the purse adds a nice pop of color.

In building a wardrobe that you love, it’s really important to factor in your everyday lifestyle. What are you doing most days of the week? What do you need to wear for that activity?

Basically, how often are you actually going to that piece? For me, I love a good pair of fun high heels, but I don’t have the chance to wear them very often. So it doesn’t make sense for me to own a bunch of them. I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes we need those reminders. How much of what is in your closet are you actually wearing?

Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-008 Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-007 Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-006 Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-005 Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-002 Kimono-Sweater-Old-Navy-001

What I’m Wearing:




Purse – also, see this post for more spring purse options!


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