Best Restaurants in Tarrytown, NY

One of the best (or potentially worst) things about traveling is eating in new places. Last week I went to New York, which I’ll detail more next week, but for this week, I just wanted to showcase the food where we were staying. We were about 30 miles north of the City in a town called Tarrytown.

Here are the best restaurants in Tarrytown, NY: (in no particular order)

Leftheris Gyro    1 North Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591    (914) 524 – 9687
Leftheris - Best Restaurants in Tarrytown, NY on A Few of My Favorite Things

Located on the main intersection in Tarrytown, Leftheris offers fast, authentic Greek food. The have a small indoor seating section as well as a wrap-around patio seating area. With limited seating, they are always packed and there is frequently a wait-time. People don’t mind, however, because the food is that good! Having spent a few months studying abroad in Greece, I have had my share of good Greek food and it’s rare to find good Greek in the US. Leftheris is certainly good Greek food. I always their Greek Salad and a Frappe and I’m never disappointed.

Swagat   19 N Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591   (914) 332-5544

Swagat - Best Restaurants in Tarrytown, NY on A Few of My Favorite Things

Swagat is located on one of the main streets in Tarrytown and they offer a wide variety of Moghul-style Indian dishes. In the past, I have ordered lentils, curried vegetables, rosemary naan, and a mango lassi. Their rosemary naan is truly fantastic! Their best deal, however, is their lunch buffet. It’s offered 7 days a week for $9.95 from 11:30-3. With the lunch buffet, you receive some naan and then you’re free to choose from a variety of dishes (with many vegetarians options). They even have a dessert (which was rice pudding) and chai as part of the buffet. I’ve been to many different Indian restaurants with friends who have travelled to India and I would definitely say that Swagat was one of the better ones!



Taste of China   17 Main St  Tarrytown, NY 10591   (914) 332-1625
Taste of China - Best Restaurants in Tarrytown on A Few of My Favorite Things

Taste of China is a small, very casual restaurant located down Main St in Tarrytown. It’s the type of place where you order and pay at the counter and then find a seat or take it to go. They have many options that would please anyone. On my most recent visit, I enjoyed bok choy with tofu and brown rice. It’s clear that it’s authentic and each dish is made fresh to order. If you’re in the mood for something casual and quick, I’d definitely recommend Taste of China.


Santa Fe Restaurant   5 Main St Tarrytown, NY 10591   (914) 332-4452
Santa Fe - Best Restaurants in Tarrytown on A Few of My Favorite Things

Santa Fe Restaurant is also located on the Main St of Tarrytown. They offer a variety of Mexican/Southwest inspired cuisine. I always enjoy their Southwest Caesar Salad, which is lettuce with avocado, Caesar dressing, and Cotija cheese. It’s a fun take on a regular salad and not overwhelmingly big. There is also an option to add chicken or shrimp to it. As the name implies, I would say it’s more of Southwest restaurant than Mexican, but good none the less.

Best Restaurants in Tarrytown, NY on A Few of My Favorite Things


Have you ever been to Tarrytown, NY or do you live in Tarrytown? Where should I eat next time?


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