How to Attend NYFW for the First Time: Tips for the Blogger

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

How to Attend NYFW

  • What is NYFW?

    NYFW stands for New York Fashion Week a twice a year event held in February and September. It is a time when designers showcase next season’s collection to the public and press. Designers present their collections in the form of invitation-only fashion shows (which is what most people think about when they think of Fashion Week), presentations, parties, and showrooms.

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

  • How does a blogger attend NYFW? 

    As a blogger, you can attend NYFW by reaching to brands, PR firms, and your own contacts based in New York. There is no set number of followers required to attend NYFW. There are SO many types events (shows, presentations, parties, showrooms, etc) happening over a handful of days that there is something for everyone. I had been blogging for a couple years when I went for the first time, but did not have a “massive” following.

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

  • What are the best apps for NYFW?

    1. GPS Radar – an easy way for you to receive invites to shows and keep a digital copy of your ticket. You will need to show (& have your ticket scanned) at most of the fashion shows. 
    2. HEED – takes you behind-the-scenes and provides more in-depth coverage on the designers and their shows. 
    3. Google Maps – you will want to set this up on your computer before you head to NY. I like to make a list of places to see before I go somewhere and in Google Maps, you can save those places as “favorites” on the map. When you are there in NY, you can pull up the app, find your location, and see all of the places you saved that you want to see. I use this trick when I travel to a new city. 
    4. Instagram – yes, you will want to share your own photos, but it’s another easy way to find food, coffee, and events close to where you are. It’s also a great way to connect with others at the event as you will want to “like” posts from NYFW. 
    5. Uber – this is probably a given. I had planned to use the subway and bus for getting around NY, but sometimes there isn’t time to use public transportation and you can’t find a taxi, so it’s super handy to just pull this up and request a car. It’s also very easy to do the ride-share option in NY, which can save you money. 

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

  • When should I start to reach out to go to shows? (NYFW Timeline)

    • 6 weeks before – make a list of brands at Fashion Week and make a list of brand contacts
      • CFDA has a schedule – I printed this grid out and highlighted the brands I was interested in. You’ll want to contact brands you are most interested in first and then work through your list.
      • Modem Online is another great resource for brand contacts
      • When you think of brands, realize that the brands you see on the schedule are just some of the brands that will be there – there are also presentations (that may or may not be on the calendar), beauty brands, PR firms, and potential travel partnerships. You can find PR firms by looking up “New York PR firms” or “New York Fashion PR firms.”
    • 5 weeks before – Reach out to brands that you have a relationship with. Have you worked with a clothing company that has a show at NYFW? Email your contact there. A Beauty brand that’s doing makeup at the shows?
    • 4 weeks before – begin to work through the list of contacts you created.
      • I had an Excel document with multiple spreadsheets (one was for brands, another for PR firms, another for beauty brands, etc)
      • On each sheet, I listed the brand, the contact name, contact email, and a secondary contact with email (if I could find it), I listed the date of contact, the follow-up date, and the result
    • 3 weeks before – Follow-up with brands that you haven’t heard back from. Remind them why you’re interested in that specific brand.
    • 10 days before – Follow-up again with any brands you’re really interested in that you haven’t heard from
      • NYFW is unique in that it work on a short timeline – the people handling these requests are extremely busy, so you may need to email 2 or 3 times to get a response. However, you don’t want to be annoying, so start with an initial pitch 4 weeks out, follow-up 2 weeks later, and then loop around for a 3rd time a week later – make sure that each email is genuine and specific to their company. 

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

  • What do I include in my pitch?

    • Hi NAME,
      • My name is YOUR NAME  and I’m the blogger behind BLOG, a US-based X and Y blog. I’ve worked with brands such as A, B, and I’m a rewardStyle Member. (list a few things about yourself that might get their attention)
      • I’m going to NYFW this MONTH (DATES) and emailing to request an appointment at the SHOW OR EVENT.
      • I’ve attached my brief media kit.

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

  • What do I include in my media kit?

    • I created a specific media kit just for NYFW. It was one page and included all of my social stats, a brief paragraph about my blog and a mention of NYFW. I also included imagery that was representative of my brand.

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

How to Attend NYFW for the First Time on

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  • Amanda K

    This is great info for those that are thinking about attending for the first time. I went in September for the first time and had an amazing time! Definitely going to make a spreadsheet for contact emails/dates this time that way I am more organized and have the info for next time.

    Amanda ||

  • Great info on NYFW! And yes, those apps are NECESSARY! Great recommendations and tips. I actually loathe ModemOnline, I think it’s always so painfully out of date! They used to have a site called Lookbook that was amazing but it got shut down years ago lol! The key is definitely good research.

  • Nicholle Brainard

    I am aiming at going in September!!! Thank you for all these tips!! XO

  • January

    This is such a fantastic post!! I’m planning to go in September for the first time and this helps me a ton! Thank you for posting your tips!

  • Sydney Power

    What great tips, I am totally saving this for future! My university schedule seriously clashes with fashion week so I am going to have to wait

  • This is such great advice! Thank you so much for sharing!

    xo Mariam

  • Such a great guide! I wish I were able to go to NYFW but it’s always during midterms grrr – one of the times I definitely hate being an MBA student!
    XO Amanda |

  • Stefanie Eadie

    I love NYFW!! It’s such an amazing time and NYC is such a great place. I love all of your tips!
    xoxo, Stefanie

  • Lauren Morgan

    LOVE this guide. I’m not going next month because I do not do the freezing cold.. but plan to attend my first in the Fall!

    Xo, Lauren

  • Girl that gold dress is so gorgeous! This post is perfect – I can send to my friends going! 🙂