Purple for Fall from the Limited on the Stylinity Style Stage

Today I’m sharing a great outfit for fall from the Limited. One of my favorite colors (especially for fall) is purple. It’s feminine and sophisticated without being frilly. I also feel like it’s an easy color to dress-up or dress-down.

So I started this outfit with this purple blazer and then chose another one of my favorites – a leopard patterned cami. I also went with black pants and this easy large work tote. It’s big enough to hold papers and a small computer without looking like a suitcase. It would also look great outside the office. I’d finish the outfit with some purple gem earrings and I’d also add a bib necklace (not pictured).

Blazer – Topstitched One Button Jacket – $98

Top – Leopard Print Cami – $40

Pants – Exact Stretch Skinny Moto Pants – $70

Bag – Tall Work Tote – $90

Earrings – Square Gem Earrings – $25

Necklace – Chain & Gem Bib Necklace – $60

Purple for Fall from the Limited


Happy Friday!

All photos were taken at the Limited on the Stylinity Style Stage at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.

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