Picking Fun, Multi-functional Pieces at the Limited on the Stylinity Style Stage

Recently I have been working on buying more neutral/multi-functional pieces. However, as you can probably tell from my website, I love color and pattern!

So this week’s look is a mix of both multi-function and pattern. The Limited is currently all about red, white, and blue – a great, classic color combo. I decided to embrace these colors and mix in some pattern.

For the first outfit, the main pieces are fairly basic – a navy top with white pants. However, I put it with the red jacket, which adds a nice pop of color. It also has fun lining of white and navy stripes. To finish the outfit off, I chose this bold grid patterned tote. Since it’s navy and white, it looks great with this outfit, but it would look just as great with some  of the pastel pieces that I have shown before. I topped the outfit off with a silver bracelet – silver always goes well with navy!

In outfit #1:
Flap Pocket One Button Jacket
Trimmed Sleeveless Top in Navy 
678 Skinny Jeans in White
Printed Grid Tote
Curve Hinge Bracelet in Silver 


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The second outfit kept with the same colors. For the base, I went with their dark skinny jeans and I chose a white tee with polka dots. I also put the red jacket with this outfit. I love the contrast of patterns – of the polka dots with the stripes. The key to mixing patterns is to pick ones that are distinctly different. I feel like the polka dots and stripes can go together because they share the same colors, but they differ in shape and scale. This outfit also has the tote as well as a piece of silver jewelry.

In outfit #2:
Flap Pocket One Button Jacket
Polka Dot Tee
678 Zip Ankle Jeans in Dark
Printed Grid Tote
Dynamic Angle Hinge Bracelet 

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