Get to Know: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

I am super excited to share today’s Featured. Nate and I met when we were in college and we both studied abroad in Greece & Turkey – along with Jodie and Guy. Now Nate runs his own business, Linke Designs out of Malibu, California. I enjoy his work because its 3 dimensional and mixed media. Nate is not afraid to explore new mediums and the result is something truly unique.

Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke DesignsFeatured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

Please briefly describe you and your craft/artwork.
I love the ocean. I love creating things. I value my family, friends, and my relationship with God. I recently became a glassed by accident. I’ve fixed close to 800 surfboards over the last 3-5 years, repaired a fiberglass hull of a boat, and made a good amount of surfboards for myself, family, friends, and for customers… some of which I glassed. Getting a reputation for glassing those things led me to glassing a series of tabletops for my neighbor. That led to glassing some big art pieces for one of my neighbor’s friends. I’ve been working with her the last 2 months up to today and it’s exactly what I want to be doing with my career.

Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

What kind of art education have you had? (Did you grow up taking art classes? Did you study art in college? etc.)
I always had a love for drawing and creating things, but didn’t take any art courses until I went to college. At Principia College, I received a B.A. in graphic design arts and was heavily influenced by my professor, Dan Kistler.

Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

What’s your creative process? How do you get inspired?
I’m so easily inspired by nature and everyone around me. My friends and family are always getting me psyched about different ideas to put to work.

Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

Who are your creative influences (artists, magazines, blogs, etc)
I think Dan Kistler has influenced my approach to art and my creative process the most. He’s a mixed media kind of guy who is good at everything and is an incredibly humble person. I really dig Dan’s screen prints and handmade books.


I’m very excited about some of my future projects. I’m currently working on a project that involves carpentry, screen printing, and glassing. Screen prints look so cool when they are glassed because they have this great pop art effect that is real shiny looking… so I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with that kind of mixed media. I just recently glassed a table that had been thrown away.  I screen printed the top and experimented with some different glassing techniques.

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I find joy in slowly building my skills and getting better every day.  What I’m most excited about is the unique potential that my future work has with my background in graphic design, screen printing, carpentry, and glassing.  I’m also looking forward to having my friendships grow every year, and making new friends throughout the process because when you love what you do, you get the opportunity to meet some cool, fun people that have common interests.

Featured: Nate Mehring of Linke Designs

Here’s a fun video about Linke Surfboards:

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